Like sunshine on a rainy day, this blue-eyed beauty wasnt going to let anything bring her down. She arrived at Hopalong Hollow with a fluffle of buns in need of help. You would never know from her bright disposition that she had been kept in unkind conditions. She was a standout with her bold eyeliner, and her sweet persona spoke to the volunteers, who named her Candy. Candy’s stay wouldn’t be long at the Hollow though, as she set her sights on finding her furever home in New York City.

Candy honed her people skills in the adoption window at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine. Her stunning looks caught the eye of all the passersby, but especially the eye of a handsome bun named Hermes. A quick speed date, a honeymoon at the Hollow, and Candy went off to Brooklyn, New York, with her new husbun. To complement her new found friend, Candy took on the name Athena.

All would not remain well in paradise, though. Suddenly the once bonded pair became frenemies instead. Did Hermes yearn for the single life? Stay tuned to learn whether or not the dueling duo will befriend each other again.


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