Like his patchy fur upon rescue, Brocade’s past followed a mysterious and unknown pattern. Brocade was rescued at the tail end of the infamous Dorota Trec hoarding case in Brooklyn, New York. After his abuser was jailed, Brocade found himself and thirty-plus other compatriots abandoned with only a dead Christmas tree to nibble on. Four amazing rescuers banded together and got everybunny to safety, and when one of them laid eyes on Brocade it was love at first sight. But Brocade vanished from the shelter with no trace, breaking the heart of his finder.

The FBBI (Federal Bureau of Bunny Investigation) kicked into high gear, finally tracking him down at Hopalong Hollow in Connecticut, where he was getting some much needed medical treatment. Reunited at last with his rescuer, Brocade changed his name to Baldwin, which soon was affectionately shortened to Winnie. Strong-willed and antisocial, Winnie surprised everyone in the Just Us Bunnies fluffle by deciding who he wanted partner with. His sights were set on Big Smokey, and the two buns became fast friends. When Winnie isn’t working hard excavating his bunstruction site, he can be found riding shotgun in the Barley-Hayvidson with his bestie Smokey.


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