On a cold afternoon in March 2017, the daily naming algorithm at New York City’s Animal Care and Control used sewing terms. So it was that a thin, chinchilla-colored rabbit with walruslike teeth received the perfect name: Zipper. Just rescued from an infamous hoarder, Zipper was in dire need of specialized medical care and found himself dispatched to Hopalong Hollow. Multiple tooth trims and vigilant care brought him back to good health. He was loved by all at the Hollow and garnered a reputation as quite the gentleman. Still, Zipper would wait a full year before his fate took a turn.

Unfortunately for him, that fate was an attack of E. cuniculi that sent him into kidney failure. Hopalong Hollow and Just Us Bunnies made the decision to move Zipper into what they thought would be brief hospice care. That luckily was not the case. Joining Just Us Bunnies, Zipper reunited with an old friend from the hoarding days who urged him to hang on, for the best was yet to come. Zipper enjoyed three more years of life in the Big Apple, whiling away his days with his favorite award-nominated writer and his new bunwife Thimble. He satisfied his insatiable desire for great literature by nibbling the bindings of the classics. Even so, he was a bun of few words, and he leaves us with his pithy tagline: Zip It Up! 🌈


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