About Us Bunnies

Just Us Bunnies began with a wickedly handsome dwarf bunny who had silken white fur and perfect black eyeliner. Freshly adopted from the New York City Shelter, I received him still packaged in his cardboard carrier. A birthday gift that would start an endless journey.

He was a test in patience. Our relationship was carefully curated, which earned him the name Bonsai. On a daily basis he taught me the secret language of bunnies. His trust and love were hard-won, which made us even more tightly bonded.

Eventually I started to dream in bunny, as I imagined what Bonsai’s secret life must be. My mysterious and magical friend opened me up to a world of possibilities—the possiblity that life can give you second chances, that love comes in many forms, and that family is who you choose.

Dedicated to my beloved Bonsai — Love first, dream big and binky like no one is watchin’.