Bernie and Leona

If you’ve ever been to Hopalong Hollow, then you know about the opossoms. Quietly nestled amongst other furry friends in cages filled with luxurious bedding and bountiful plates of food, they sleep their days away waiting for the change of season after they’ve been rehabilitated.

How did these possoms fetch up at Hopalong Hollow? Besides her expertise in rabbit rescue, the Hollow’s proprietor is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and to her the underdog is always the star of the show. Misunderstood and vilified, they often arrive injured, abused or motherless, their crucial role in our ecosystem sadly overlooked. As North America’s only marsupial, possoms rid our neighborhoods of undesirable insects and slugs, while keeping cockroaches, mice and even rats at bay. Dont they deserve some kind attention too?

But do these possoms actually leave the Hollow at release time? As savvy emigrants from New York City, it looks like Bernie and Leona have grown accustomed to the good life. They know which side their bread is buttered on. They can still be found sunbathing on the Hollow’s outdoor trellis or cozying up on the patio furnishings, making sure not to venture so far that they can’t check back into their comfy suite when they feel like it.