Like the timeless classic after which he was named, Dr. Zhivago had been left out in the cold—outside in a tiny cage. The poor doctor had little hope until a kind neighbor alerted a rescuer about his plight. On a bitterly cold night, Dr. Zhivago was stealthily taken to safety. He was soaked and malnourished, but a bright future lay ahead. Dr. Zhivago made a pit stop at the home of Just Us Bunnies before continuing on to Hopalong Hollow in Connecticut. After a visit to the vet and packing on some pounds, he was ready for his furever home. Luckily he didn’t have to wait long.

Captivated by Dr. Zhivagos good looks and sweet personality, a wonderful family opened their home. Leaving his past behind, he took on Boba as his name. Boba’s family lavished him with love and attention, fully making up for lost time. Even more good fortune lay ahead when he traveled back to the Hollow to find a bun wife. Glorious, French and satin, the beautiful Blanche caught his eye there, and the rest is history. Never to be left out in the cold again.


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