Fancy and fabulously fluffy are just a few of the words that describe Blanche. A fluffle of French Satin Angoras in need of assistance found their way to Hopalong Hollow. Blanche was certainly a standout with her shiny copper, chocolate-tipped face and champagne fluff. French Satins are prized for their luxurious fur which is used to spin yarn for woolen garments. Blanche had other ideas, though, and decided to put her filage de la laine days behind her.

While at the Hollow, Blanche took a trip to South Wilton Veterinary Group and got a clean bill of health. She then set out to find her furever home and a husbun. When a former Hollow resident heard about the beautiful Blanche, he could hardly resist her fabulosity. Blanche now spends her days cuddling with her husbun Boba and making frequent trips to the Hare Salon.


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