Farm life wasn’t what this stunningly handsome bun had in mind as a place to settle down. He was a hipster at heart and needed a home with a trendy downtown vibe, so he left his fluffle of mates behind and headed to Brooklyn, New York. Living like a king, his newfound life of luxury came with the fitting name Hermes. His wonderful furever family treated him to the finest accommodations, but something was missing. How great could this life be if there was no one to share it with?

Hermes hopped over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan in search of a mate. A beautiful blue-eyed girl named Candy with perfect eyeliner caught his attention. Like the gentlemen he is, Hermes asked for a speed date. Things with Candy were off to a great start. After a bunnymoon at Hopalong Hollow in Connecticut, the happy couple traveled back to Brooklyn. To complement her partner, Candy took on the goddesslike name Athena.

Suddenly, without warningthey became enemies as quickly as they had become friends. Bonding efforts proved fruitless. Was the match somehow mistakenDid Hermes yearn for the single life? How could Athena’s wisdom have steered her wrong? Stay tuned to find out if the dueling duo will ever forgive and forget.


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