Holly the Hairless Bun came to Hopalong Hollow in 2019. When she was no longer wanted by a breeder, the bunderground railroad kicked into high gear, shuttling her all the way to Connecticut from Kentucky. Holly was born with a genetic condition that caused hairlessness. When she arrived she was suffering from severely sore hocks that required nine months of intensive treatment.

Luckily, Holly was triumphant and has turned into a demanding, spoiled, one-of-a-kind diva. While she will never have a full coat of hair, she is often adorned with fuzz that comes and goes. To combat chilly nights, she doesnt just have her couture wardrobe. She now snuggles up with Big Poppa, her luxuriously rex-coated husbun! And Holly still frequents Sprite’s Hare Salon.


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