Discarded like yesterday’s news, she was left outside with others in the cage where she’d been bred. A kind neighbor saw the plight of the fluffle of abandoned bunnies and reached out to Hopalong Hollow in Connecticut for assistance. The sassy jet-black lionhead was given the name Esmeralda, like the precious gem she is. Esmeralda’s newfound life came with many challenges. Unfamiliar with human kindness and touch, Esmeralda remained withdrawn and overlooked because of her size and color for more then a year. Fortunately for her, a former Hollow resident returned to find a friend. Zipper instantly fell in love with Esmeralda’s gorgeous mane and invited her to join Just Us Bunnies.

Esmeralda flourished in her new home and took on the name Thimble to compliment her new husbun Zipper. She regularly impressed Zipper with her seamstress skills. Thimble, with her flare for the dramatic, became Bimble Janie—much like the famous Baby Jane, reenacting scenes from the past. Bimble Janie remains magically mysterious, leaving us to ask: What Ever Happened to Bimble Janie?


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